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From our inception we have ensured honesty, integrity and reliability have been at the forefront when making business decisions.  From our easy to follow website, plain and simple terms and conditions to the types of machines and equipment we use, it is all designed to ensure we give the best possible service to our customers.


We are a local company, employing local people, providing a great working environment for people looking for a great career.  We are Investors in People Accredited and Real Living Wage Employers which means you can be assured our staff enjoy the best possible working conditions,


We are also members of The Domestic Cleaning Alliance and the British Insitute of Cleaning Science.  This means we provide industry leading training to our employees and keep on top of the latest developments.

Our operations are within our 'Mission' to ensure our clients get the best possible service we can offer and our staff are working for a company that they want to belong to.

By using eco friendly and biodegradable products we do our best to protect the environment but not to the detriment of cleaning standards.


We offer a comprehensive, all inclusive service that is often copied but never equaled.  There are no hidden charges or extras to pay for.  

We do not hold our customer to a contract with lengthy notice periods.  We simply ask for 30 days notice of permanent cancellation and a minimum of 2 working days for suspension to avoid being charged.


We guarantee our service.  If you are not happy with our work for any reason, simply tell us within 1 working day of your service taking place and we will return within 2 working days to clean the affected item or room again.  No questions, no fuss.

All of our Cleaning Services include labour, materials and equipment and can be tailored to meet your requirements, from a simple cleaning service to extensive home detailing.  We can provide a set routine to clean in rotation or a fully bespoke service both of which can be altered at any time.

Subject to minimum timings, we can include services such as oven cleaning, cleaning inside refrigerators, cleaning cupboard fronts, descaling showers etc which other cleaning companies would only do as part of a deep clean.


We look after our staff so they do the best possible job for our customers.  All our staff are employed by us and never self employed, contractors or on zero hours contracts.  They receive the best package in the industry to ensure they strive to give you the best possible service.


Each member of staff is fully trained and receives ongoing training and mentoring throughout their career with us and they all have progression & development plans to ensure they stay ahead with the latest cleaning information. 


We carry extensive liability insurance to cover our staff and our clients. 


All staff wear a recognisable uniform and use indoor shoes to protect clients flooring.  They wear disposable gloves, aprons and have full PPE if required including masks.

As a responsible employer we ensure everyone receives a fair salary for the work they do and ALL staff are eligible to join our BUPA healthcare scheme at a discount price, or free of charge, depending on their grade.  We are accredited 'Real Living Wage' Employers and are Investors in People accredited.




100% of the products we use are plant based, eco-friendly & biodegradable products.  We blend our own cleaning solutions using vegan/vegetarian, biodegradable fluids alongside the finest organic essential oils available.   We also use the bees products from proprietary manufacturers including Ecover, Attitude, Method, Sonnett, Jangro and Delphis amongst others.  The majority of our products are also antibacterial which we use alongside virucides for added protection, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment.


We use our ecological products in conjunction with Microfiber technology and the latest cleaning machines to give you the best possible results.  On average, we use between 40 and 50 clothes per property per visit!

All used microfiber cloths are bagged in colour category at each property, then brought back to be laundered at 90C using professional anti-bacterial, hospital grade detergent (certified to European standards EN1276 and EN1650).  We do not reuse cloths between properties.


Our equipment and products are colour coded to prevent cross contamination.   We do not use the same cloths from one house to another or even from one room to another.  We have specific cloths for bathrooms, for kitchens and for living areas.

In bathrooms and kitchens we use sperate, dedicated sponge scrubbers alongside microfiber which are disposed of after each property to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.  We clean lavatories using disposable products for this reason also.


We do not use mops but instead use microfiber floor dusters and cleaning machines which vacuum and wash or vacuum and steam for better hygiene and cleaner results.  Where mopping is necessary, we use microfiber flat mops which have antibacterial properties.




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