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Please complete a Booking Enquiry form to obtain an initial quotation.

All of our Cleaning Services include labour, materials and equipment.


All staff are employed, trained & insured.


We do not offer a labour only service.

For regular cleaning services 100% of the products we use are plant based, eco-friendly & biodegradable.  These are used in conjunction with Microfiber technology to give you the best possible results.  We are also happy to use anything specific you wish to supply in addition to, or instead of the products we include, by prior arrangement. 


Our initial domestic cleaning quotes are based on the information provided on your Booking Enquiry form and are dependent on property size and location.  If you accept your initial quotation we will organise a home visit to finalise your quotation with you.  Your final quote may be affected by property condition, additional cleaning functions requested etc. 


We do not offer regular maintenance cleaning at intervals greater than every 2 weeks and currently do not offer any one off cleaning services.

Our hourly rate starts at £22.29 plus VAT.

We do not negotiate on prices but do give discounts for any services in excess of 15 hours weekly.


Our minimum charge for ANY weekly service is £66.87 plus VAT

Our minimum charge for ANY two weekly service  is £89.16 plus VAT

Our minimum charge for ANY daily service  is £33.44 plus VAT

To book a service please book online via our Booking Form, Call us on 0118 328 0110 or email us at

All bookings subject to acceptance.  We have the right to refuse to accept any request for a booking.  All quotes are based on the functions listed on our Service List unless agreed otherwise.  Details are provided on your quotation.

  Deeper Cleaning services may require the use of traditional chemical products to achieve the desired results.

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