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Regular Cleaning Services

tailored to you

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Our regular cleaning service can be as often or as infrequent as you wish and is available throughout Berkshire and South Oxfordshire.  If you live outside of these areas please contact us.

There will always be a minimum period of three hours for our regular daily cleaners, weekly cleaners or fortnightly cleaners.  

We will always give you the same cleaners  each time we visit you so they get to know how you like things done. Our regular cleaning service can include as much or as little as you want such as:

vacuuming floors

dusting furniture

wet washing hard surfaced floors

removing cobwebs


polishing furniture

dusting skirting boards

tidying up and making beds

cleaning kitchen worktops, cupboard fronts and sinks

cleaning and descaling bathroom fittings

We use a colour coded system to make sure there is no cross contamination.  On average we use 50 colour coded microfiber cloths per property, per clean.  These are then returned to the depot and sterilized using hospital grade detergents.  Any sponges we use are also colour coded and disposed of after each clean.  Toilets are cleaned using paper products for extra hygiene. This has always been our standard practice so we are best placed to ensure your property is germ and virus free during these uncertain times.

We only use our own fully trained, insured, employed staff and will never subject you to a self employed or agency cleaner.  We pride ourselves on high standards and will regularly ask you for feedback.

We use biodegradable, eco friendly products which are also antibacterial.  When using these alongside microfiber this ensures the best and most hygienic cleaning possible.  As of 2020 we also use virucidal cleanser to ensure maximum protection.  As we also use the latest in floor cleaning machines we save you time and money by getting the job done quicker.    We never use the same cloths between properties and all machinery is sterilised between cleaning. 

Call us or complete a booking form today to request service.

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